Quite Possibly the Coolest ’80s Thing Ever Part II

It’s been a week since I downloaded Blood Bros’ First Blood mix and I’ve listened to it about ten times. Today I found the sequel: Heaven 2 Hell. It’s almost as good as the First Blood (which rules because it has songs from Rad and Transformers: The Movie). This one features songs from Top Gun, Gleaming the Cube, Best of the Best II, Thrashin’, Delta Force, and many more. Below is the back cover featuring the song titles:

Like the first mix, Heaven 2 Hell features a litany of inspirational music from shitty ‘80s movies (probably fueled by cocaine and overinflated egos). However, for those, like myself, who were children in the ‘80s, this is a great mix and I’m sure I’ll listen to this over and over.

Click here to download Heaven 2 Hell by the Blood Bros.

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