I just started watching Portlandia about two weeks ago. Attempting to promote the new season, which plays on Friday nights on IFC, Netflix has the first season streaming and I bit – after all it has Carrie from Sleater Kinney and Fred Armisen. Portlandia has been around for about a year; unfortunately in Florida I didn’t have IFC and didn’t really search it out. Instead the show just came my way and I’m glad it did.

While not all the sketches succeed there are many that do. Below is my personal favorite and is the one which appears at the beginning of the pilot episode:

Funny, isn’t it? Ok, maybe it isn’t funny to some but I think it’ll make the following people chuckle:

a. Those who are into ‘90s nostalgia (which I hear is hip at the moment. Living through the ‘90s as a preteen and teenager I don’t understand – the ‘90s had some great stuff but it also had a ton of terrible stuff like the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the decline of mainstream comic books, Hypercolor shirts, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, bad alternative and punk which was riding the popularity wave of bands like Nirvana and Green Day, JNCO’s, a lack of good horror movies, and so much more.).

b. Anybody born before 1984.

I’ve never been to Portland, even though I have a few friends who moved there and say it’s amazing, but it seems like the whitest place in America. I’m sure there are other regions containing more Caucasian-ness but I’m not sure they capture the unadulterated whiteness going on in Portland. Portlandia is like a parody of that book from a few years back Stuff White People Like. The characters range from uptight etho-eaters to crazy fregans and Armisen and Brownstein play most of them perfectly, not only reflecting what they believe about Portland but also the hipster attitude nationwide.

Here is another of my favorite clips. It’s from the second episode:

Another reason to watch Portlandia: Kyle McLachlan is the mayor of Portland.


*On a side note I haven’t posted anything in a while because living up north isn’t inspiring. I have no idea how people live in the cold year after year.*

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