The Osama Bin Laden Collectors Coin

What better way to celebrate the death of America’s favorite enemy than to buy a $50 coin? I saw this commercial the other day and couldn’t get it out of my head. Normally on this blog I discuss film and television, avoiding commercials, but this is one that I can’t pass up. Here’s the video:

What is wrong with us? Are we really a nation who thinks it morally sound to celebrate somebody death with a piece of materialist garbage? I’m not denying Bin Laden’s cruelty or letting his demise eradicate his crimes but celebrating death seems barbaric – like something “the enemy” would do. I remember watching people celebrating Osama’s death outside The White House and in New York and feeling dread; I didn’t feel dread because I feared reprisal from other extremists but because it made Americans look like savage beasts, frothing at the mouth and glorifying an execution. I’m unsure if I want America’s trajectory to reflect this kind of sentiment; I’m unsure I want people celebrating death by possessing an overpriced coin celebrating the men and women sent to kill America’s most notorious adversary.

A few years ago I kept seeing commercials for a special 9/11 coin, with a silver portion which stood up (like a pop-up book) and was appalled. At first I was insulted, believing anybody who sells this kind of crap is a shyster; later I felt anybody who’s stupid enough to buy it deserves to lose their money and receive a worthless trinket worth a fraction of the cost. The company which produced this coin, National Collector’s Mint, claims everything said in its commercial is true but it didn’t stop various New York lawmakers from pressing the company and challenging their citations. Here is a video about that situation:

Now there’s a $2 bill featuring the World Trade Center and the fabled Freedom Tower which will probably never become a reality. I don’t have an opinion on the Freedom Tower but I do believe leaving ground zero vacant after a decade does say “we lost” to anybody who despises America. If we’re really this great nation which can rebuild triumphantly why didn’t we? Wouldn’t it be a big fuck you to our adversaries if a larger building was erected, like a statement saying, “try again if you dare?”

Like the 9/11 coin I’m skeptical of this bill’s authenticity and anybody who’d pay over $10 for a $2 bill is a moron. However, I’m sure there are people out there who’ll shell out the cash for it. After all, America’s propaganda machine is still running strong and has a long line of loyal followers. Buy yours today!

5 responses to “The Osama Bin Laden Collectors Coin

  1. I guess I should return your graduation gift…

  2. we are blood thirsty to not want to kill people is unamerican i say kill them all and take the oil when we are done if your such a nancy you should move to france 2lip but i also say we kill the people selling the fake coins melt then and sell it all to buy more guns n shit

  3. What is a 2lip? Are you calling me a tulip? Please elaborate.

    Also, I’d love to live in France and if you’d kindly provide the funds so I can move there I’ll leave ASAP.

    By the way, is this Justin?

  4. Working on a paper and I was mentioning the celebration of the death of Laden and kept on thinking of this commercial (Justice coin) didn’t think i would find the commercial. When clicking on the Google link that says abortionsforall I couldn’t help but think this should be great, but I am glad it was the opposite of what I expected I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks that all of the celebration is a little ridiculous and disgraceful.

  5. I celebrated. We all should have. Let the image of blood thirsty Americans frothing at the mouth, cheering the death of that cowardly bastard burn into the minds of our enemies! Let them see that any act of violence against us or our way of life will result in them being hunted down like wild animals and slaughtered! Let them know that they will die a horrible death at the hands of the great American war machine, and no one is going to give a flying fuck!

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