Billy Passed the Third Grade…

I really can’t stand Billy Madison anymore; it’s a stupid, stupid movie. However, for some reason this song jumped in my head while showering this morning, making me chuckle.

2 responses to “Billy Passed the Third Grade…

  1. I was never big on Billy Madison. I saw it long after I was Big Daddy and Waterboy. It never matched their incomprehensibly high standards, for me. Although they’re all pretty shit movies, I still spontaneously break out in to “Needledick” or “Water sucks!” chants every now and again. It can’t be helped.


    • There’s something enjoyable about Adam Sandler but that doesn’t mean I actually like his films. They’re an amusing distraction and once upon a time he made me laugh but I don’t think he’ll accomplish that again. People tell me I need to see Funny People but I just don’t like movies about cancer. It’s the same reason I won’t see 50/50. I’m a smoker and bound to get cancer at some point in my life and I just don’t want to spend my money watching overpaid actors pretending to die slowly.

      I saw a preview for the new Adam Sandler movie about the twins and it looks absolutely terrible. I don’t know if it’s made an appearance in the U.K. yet but I’d avoid it at all costs. Also, avoid In Time with Justin Timberlake – it’s basically Occupy Wall Street the movie except I feel the occupiers have something more interesting to say and aren’t terrible actors like Timberlake. Seriously, your ability to obtain vagina shouldn’t determine the size of your role. I know Timberlake could talk most men into fucking him but that doesn’t mean he’s a good actor.

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