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I think it’s hilarious that the modern version of skateboarding is just a variation of what was called Freestyle skating in the ‘80s. I’m not an expert on skating (I unsuccessfully dabbled in it briefly in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s) but I do enjoy watching ‘80s skateboard movies. Today I watched Thrashin’ featuring the now well respected actor Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men, Milk, True Grit, The Goonies). Aside from being a film about rival skateboard gangs it also demonstrates how white suburban teenagers are inherently racist and how urban white kids are more racially tolerant.
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Quite Possibly the Coolest ’80s Thing Ever Part II

It’s been a week since I downloaded Blood Bros’ First Blood mix and I’ve listened to it about ten times. Today I found the sequel: Heaven 2 Hell. It’s almost as good as the First Blood (which rules because it has songs from Rad and Transformers: The Movie). This one features songs from Top Gun, Gleaming the Cube, Best of the Best II, Thrashin’, Delta Force, and many more. Below is the back cover featuring the song titles:
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Less Than Zero: They Sucked the Gay Out of It (part 1)

Let me say first and foremost that the 1987 adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ freshmen novel Less Than Zero is sans homosexuality. It’s like this essay’s title states: they sucked the gay right out of the story. I’m certain almost every homosexual instance is replaced by heterosexuality so Middle America would watch – it didn’t work and I’m pretty sure the film was a financial failure. It’s not surprising too since the characters in Ellis’ novel are thoroughly disgusting people; they’re rich but nonetheless disgusting. That’s not even prevalent throughout the film, which draws a clear line between likeable characters and villains. The book doesn’t work this way, with every character containing a plethora of negative character traits: selfishness, self absorption, vanity, gluttony – you get the point. Continue reading