Bill Hicks: Ninja Bachelor Party

I would never disparage Bill Hicks…except on this one occasion. Once again, Kick to Kill posted something that I couldn’t pass up. Last time it was Streetwise, this time it’s Bill Hicks’ really awful short film Ninja Bachelor Party. I’ve known about this for quite some time but always forget to seek it out; today I find the search is over and I should’ve let it stay shrouded in mystery. Ninja Bachelor Party is horrible. I guess even the best artists have a few To Wong Foo’s in their past.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few good moments, like when Dr. Death (Hicks) throws dirt in Kevin Booth’s eyes and talks about Bonanza or the end credits or some of the moments in the final fight scene, but overall Ninja Bachelor Party is a floppy, flaccid piece of garbage. If you’re a fan of Hicks you should check it out, just to say you’ve seen it and have something to talk about with your other loser friends when hanging out at a bar or while playing Magic: The Gathering on a Friday night.

4 responses to “Bill Hicks: Ninja Bachelor Party

  1. This is unashamedly my favourite film because Bill Hicks and Kevin Booth had so much fun making it. I also love the films of Kurosawa and Tarkovsky, but this film reminds me of the joy friendship can bring. “A choice between love and fear”, as Bill would say.

  2. Of course it looks like they’re having fun but the film is stupid (I know it was intended as a stupid film but it’s really, really, really stupid). Maybe it’s because I’d heard a great deal about this film before seeing it (especially Hicks’ interviews with Len Belzer where he praises it highly) but I just didn’t like it. I think Hicks’ stand-up material is much better. Honestly, I believe Hicks’ work (aside from Ninja Bachelor Party) is still relevant today and will continue to be for decades to come. =)

    • It’s realllllly, realllly funny…. You poor soul. You think the Bonanza bit was one of the best parts!? Really? I do like that part, don’t get me wrong. Little things like Clarence’s mother coming up to tell him his mush is getting cold…. “Be right there, Mom!”…. yet the video shows Booth screaming, “OKAY!” and punching the mirror…. It’s genius. Sadly, some people’s tastes in comedy are skewed or just plain bland…. Sure glad I’m one of the tasteful ones! ;P

      • Generally, I believe everybody’s entitled to their opinions and bad artwork really doesn’t exist – it’s all in the eye of the beholder – but Ninja Bachelor Party transcends that statement. It’s a terrible piece of home video and it’s no wonder Hicks never actually unleashed it on the public in a large way. I do believe every artist is entitled have bad work in their catalogue and these lame moments shouldn’t define somebody’s entire body of work; Bill Hicks is forgiven for this awful blunder.

        If you, Mervin, truly believe my soul is “poor” I accept prayers from all believers and appreciate the hard work done. I will continue on with my daily activities and you can pray for me and I will thank you heartily. However, and this is a break from my normal cheery disposition, I do believe your tastes haven’t evolved past a sixth graders – otherwise you wouldn’t think Ninja Bachelor Party is funny. Like most Americans I enjoy cheap laughs and the occasional dick, fart, shit, sex, or piss joke (and Hicks had a great deal of these in his acts) but the humor imparted by Hicks and company here is abysmal and embarrassing. If I ever make a comment praising Ninja Bachelor Party please trade all my decent books, films, and records in for the entire collections of the following asinine and mediocre works:

        Three’s a Crowd
        Chico and the Man
        CSI (any of it)
        Cop Rock
        The director’s cut of Ninja Bachelor Party with audio commentary and deleted scenes
        The long version of the Ace Ventura films
        The Shadow (with Alec Baldwin)
        Everything by John Grisham
        The deluxe version of the Twilight films
        Star Trek: Enterprise (the complete series)
        The collected books of Thomas Kinkade

        **I hope you know this is all in jest – as a response to your comments criticizing my tastes – and don’t discredit you (very much) for liking Ninja Bachelor Party. =)

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