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Bill Hicks: Ninja Bachelor Party

I would never disparage Bill Hicks…except on this one occasion. Once again, Kick to Kill posted something that I couldn’t pass up. Last time it was Streetwise, this time it’s Bill Hicks’ really awful short film Ninja Bachelor Party. I’ve known about this for quite some time but always forget to seek it out; today I find the search is over and I should’ve let it stay shrouded in mystery. Ninja Bachelor Party is horrible. I guess even the best artists have a few To Wong Foo’s in their past.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few good moments, like when Dr. Death (Hicks) throws dirt in Kevin Booth’s eyes and talks about Bonanza or the end credits or some of the moments in the final fight scene, but overall Ninja Bachelor Party is a floppy, flaccid piece of garbage. If you’re a fan of Hicks you should check it out, just to say you’ve seen it and have something to talk about with your other loser friends when hanging out at a bar or while playing Magic: The Gathering on a Friday night.