Motel Hell

I’m certain nobody thinks that a movie named Motel Hell would contain a commentary on the meat industry but it does. This campy, low-budget horror flick starring Rory Calhoun is about a backwoods hotel operator who has a side business making smoked meats using both pigs and humans. This movie is not good, but it’s funny. Farmer Vincent (Calhoun) and his sister Ida have a secret garden where humans are planted like vegetation in the ground. They then harvest them for “Farmer Vincent’s Smoked Meats,” which, according to the advertisements, contain no preservatives.

The kicker is that at the end of the movie Vincent admits that his meats actually do use preservatives. The film culminates in a showdown between Vincent (wearing a pig mask) fighting his police officer brother with chainsaws. Motel Hell contains a small amount of nudity and about as much blood. If you’re looking for a gory late ‘70s/early ‘80s horror flick this isn’t it. That doesn’t mean that the movie isn’t fun. Also, look for John Ratzenberger (Cliff on Cheers) in a small role of the stoned rock outfit Ivan and the Terribles. I find this scene, especially the Terribles’ hit single We’ve Had it Up to Here, to be the best part of the movie.

By the way, if anybody is interested in doing a cover of that song get in touch.

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