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Come out tonight for possible laughs!

That’s right bitches: I’m doing stand-up comedy tonight. This is happening at Austin’s Coffee on Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. If for some reason you live in Central Florida, like amateur stand-up comedy, and have nothing to do come out and watch me potentially stink up the place (both figuratively and literally). The laughs (and boos) start around 8:30. Below is a map. Hope to see you there.

Reflections on A Christmas Story

TBS is doing its 24 hours of A Christmas Story again and like usual I’ve already watched it once. Actually, saying I watched it is incorrect; it’s on and I’m doing other things. Usually I end up watching the film at least once every Christmas, although it’s not always sequential. Usually I’ll catch a piece here and a piece there, constructing the whole film over a 24 hour period. It’s definitely my favorite Christmas film; my generation’s It’s a Wonderful Life although a bit more subversive. Continue reading