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Mr. Show

What did David Cross do before Arrested Development and a bunch of stand-up routines where he rips off Bill Hicks? He did Mr. Show, a sketch comedy series on HBO in the mid to late ‘90s. Cross, and his co-star Bob Odenkirk, took a cue from Monty Python and delivered some of the best sketch comedy I’ve ever seen. Personally, I believe it’s better than The Kids in the Hall, The State, or SNL.
What’s extremely clever about Mr. Show aren’t necessarily the jokes but the way they’re delivered and how the show flowed. Sketches moved seamlessly into each other and there wasn’t a moment lost. The show also gave a hyper-critical view of American culture in the 1990s, exploring such issues as outsourcing, American arrogance, authority figures, and just about anything else you can think of. The show also gave the world Ronny Dobbs, a redneck (played by Cross) notorious for getting arrested on a Cops like show repeatedly.
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