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Is WWE Hitting Puberty?

Why am I blogging about wrestling two posts in a row; especially WWE’s brand of wrestling (sports entertainment)? I haven’t watched WWE seriously in a very long time but the latest storyline, involving wrestler CM Punk spilling the beans about the real-life, backstage drama of the WWE, are shaking things up. On this Monday’s Raw CM Punk gave away their new media strategy, their thesis statement by saying, “I’m making wrestling relevant.”
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Fast Five

Where to begin with Fast Five?

I guess I’ll start by saying it’s the first film in the series I’ve seen – and it wasn’t my idea to go. My girlfriend, who is sometimes an oracle when it comes to bad action films, suggested it. I’ve avoided these films for one simple reason: they look really dumb. Plus, I’m not really a car person. Don’t get me wrong – I love my 1997 Volvo station wagon and if a 1970 Dodge Challenger came into my possession I wouldn’t cry but I’m just not that interested in automobiles. I think of them as a tool, a device I use to get from point a to point b. Regardless of my disdain for most car movies I loved Fast Five.
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