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Navy Seals

“You’re dealing with extremists.”

“You’re dealing with the Navy Seals.”

Navy Seals is Top Gun but less homoerotic and more cocaine fueled. After all, it stars Charlie Sheen (post Wall Street) as a self-absorbed, sociopathic Navy Seal who is amusingly racist (he calls the Japanese “Japs,” Muslims “rags,” and just about any other racial slur you can imaging). The film focuses heavily on mindless action and vaguely defined character traits – using the terms “good guys” and “bad guys” often and, like any good American propaganda made after the Cold War, its primary antagonists are Middle Eastern (Navy Seals’ main action takes place in Beirut, Lebanon). It’s the type of film which brings to mind Sel from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, who makes war toys and begins propaganda campaigns against future enemies years before any actual conflict; it’s also a film undoubtedly fueled by massive amount of cocaine and excess.
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The Holy Mountain

Is this post cheap? Yes, but not entirely. I’ve been reading the blog Kick to Kill for a few years now and he’s not only introduced me to a long line of great music but also some excellent films. The other day he posted Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain – one of my personal favorites. I’ve seen the film at least three or four times and I still don’t feel I can truly do it justice with words. I will say it has one of the best endings I’ve seen in a film, even though many believe it’s cheap (what the fuck do they know?). It also has a great soundtrack.

Click here for Kick to Kill, where you can see the movie in its entirety and read a synopsis.

Or, you can watch it below (I just wanted to throw some hits their way). =)