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Kenner’s Star Wars toys

Oh childhood. How many of us lament for the days past, yearning to go back and recreate a time where things like rent, mortgages, or employment weren’t even a consideration. A time before puberty when girls seemed weird and masturbation wasn’t the only pastime we enjoyed. Wait, this only applies to the boys out there reading this – for that I apologize to any female readers.

Moving on, this is a post about old Star Wars toys. Lately I’ve been on a big Star Wars kick. I haven’t watched the film again and I probably won’t but after my friend Justin posted an old PSA where C-3PO catches R2-D2 smoking a cigarette (click here for that post) I can’t stop looking for old Star Wars spots. Today I found a bunch of old commercials for Kenner’s line of Star Wars toys. Below are my favorites.
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