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I just started watching Portlandia about two weeks ago. Attempting to promote the new season, which plays on Friday nights on IFC, Netflix has the first season streaming and I bit – after all it has Carrie from Sleater Kinney and Fred Armisen. Portlandia has been around for about a year; unfortunately in Florida I didn’t have IFC and didn’t really search it out. Instead the show just came my way and I’m glad it did.

While not all the sketches succeed there are many that do. Below is my personal favorite and is the one which appears at the beginning of the pilot episode:

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Wayne’s World

Upon arriving home from work this afternoon I turned on HBO and found myself watching Wayne’s World. Why did I like this film as a youth? It’s terrible; terrible in a way usually reserved for the lowest of the low. I can’t figure out why I enjoyed this in the first place (probably because I was 12 or 13 years old when it came out) but below are the top five reasons Wayne’s World is terrible.
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