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Sean Young’s Blade Runner Polaroids

My amazing girlfriend, who works for a certain unnamed airline, told me about an article she read in that airline’s magazine about actress Sean Young’s Polaroid’s taken on the Blade Runner set. Being a huge fan of Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s seminal novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I had to see what this was all about. Below (and above) are a few of my personal favorites and a link to Sean Young’s full collection. They’re not anything spectacular in the grand scheme of things but for a fan of Blade Runner they’re interesting.
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The Terminator and Technology (part 2)

My friend Justin claims Terminator 2: Judgment Day is really the story of a boy teaching a robot how to love. I feel he’s correct but it’s akin to saying the moral of Forest Gump is that he only had sex once. Aside from its obvious intention – making more money – Terminator 2 is a great continuation of the themes explored in the 1984 original. A few days ago I wrote an article about the original Terminator, discussing the technological implications of the film and how certain concepts from it have come to pass (click here to read that article). While nuclear annihilation hasn’t occurred (and its actual arrival is always questionable) humanity’s submission to our technological masters is well under way; Terminator 2 is just another example of how those who create new technologies aren’t the best candidates for determining its implications.
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Dawn of the Dead: A Second, Useless Post

Yesterday I picked up Dawn of the Dead on DVD for $3 – funny how it took me this long. I saw it in theaters in 2004 and have rented it at least three times since. Why it took me so long to purchase it is beyond me (I probably didn’t want to pay $15-$20). Although I hate Zach Snyder I really feel this film is excellent. Below are my thoughts on the film seven years after its theatrical run. I am typing this while watching the movie so it’s possible this post will be quite scatterbrained but at least it’s chronological.
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Minority Report

Let me start off by saying the following: If any of the technologies, especially the surveillance technologies such as the retina scanning spiders, in Minority Report come to fruition I think I’ll put a bullet in my head. The hell with that. As it stands we only retain a few of our rights thanks to the Patriot Act and if things keep going the same way we’ll lose even more by the year 2054. Thankfully I’ll probably be dead by that point; I really don’t want to live a life like that.

Don’t let my statement lead you to believe I would ever take my own life–I won’t. The only thing I have is my existence. Regardless of all the material, physical and psychical possessions I have and the relationships I hold dear, the only thing I truly own is my own life, my own experiences. It’s the only thing I know; it’s the only thing I’ve ever known. I’ve lived in a world where computers were ugly, cumbersome, and slow; a world where nobody could get a hold of you unless you were at home. Text messages were science fiction and cellular phones were bulky and expensive. Granted, I was a child but I still remember these days when a person could disconnect from others and still be a part of the system. It’s still possible today but it’s getting harder every day. Pretty soon it might be impossible.

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