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More Movies in Five Seconds

Here are a few more of those Movies in Five Seconds clips. I don’t know why I find these amusing as most of them are pretty awful but the good ones are hilarious. I hope you think so too.
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Lost in Translation

“For relaxing times, make it Santory time.”

I really like Lost in Translation; it’s a really good film. It’s visually stunning, has a great soundtrack featuring original compositions by Kevin Shields plus songs by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Air, My Bloody Valentine (Shields’ band), and others. Bill Murray is funny and tragic: a washed up actor wearing his depression like a scarlet letter. His midlife crisis, spawned by Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), lights up the screen – a melancholy character at the film’s beginning comes to live, inspired by a girl over half his age. Their exploits around Tokyo seem fun, imparting the feeling of adventure and excitement a new relationship brings. Both characters jaunt into a fantasy world, only possible in an alien environment where camaraderie is a valued asset.
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