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The King’s So-So Speech

Note from the editor, Foucault Peck-Malchiodi: I’d like to introduce a new contributor to this blog, Henrietta Stackpole. Her blog, I Love You Most Ardently is an excellent digital publication, focusing on costume dramas and/or period pieces. It’s probably one of my favorite blogs, even though it only has four posts, and I think it’s off to a great start. Miss Stackpole’s opinions are clever, insightful, and fun. Without further ado, here’s Miss Stackpole’s first contribution to Abortions for All.

Well, um.  I saw The King’s Speech.  Ergh.  Um.

My hesitation to go forward has nothing to do with The King’s Stutter.  It just feels blasphemous to not be head over heels over this movie, given the copious Oscar nods and presence of Costume Drama Royalty.  I mean, Colin Firth is an incarnation of Mr. Darcy himself. Continue reading