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Lost: Season 2

So season two of Lost has come and gone. What’s amazing is that my girlfriend and I finished it in about a week. That’s right: 24 episodes watched in one week’s time. What, do we not have lives? Yes, we do, but we don’t have much money. However, before moving forward I feel it’s necessary to let you, dear reader, know there are spoilers ahead. Then again, I’m probably the last person on the planet to watch Lost so I doubt I’m spoiling Lost for many people.

Season one ended with the gang opening the hatch; season two ends with the hatch’s status in question. This season we’re also introduced to a few new characters (some of who depart quickly) including Anna Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez). I was told she departed from the show within a season because of a DUI – a shame since her character was really beginning to develop and after watching her in Predators and Machete I believe Rodriguez is a competent action actress. The previous characters are developed further and more sexual tension arises between the island’s passionate trinity – Sawyer, Kate, and Jack.
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Lost: Season one

Whatever you do, don’t’ watch Lost!

After my girlfriend’s mother badgered us relentlessly to watch the show we finally relented and gave in; now we’re addicted. In the last week we’ve watched the entire first season (24 episodes) and are already three episodes into the second. I’m not happy about this.

Here are a few observations I’ve made about the show so far. I feel it’s too soon to determine any of Lost’s subtext so I feel looking at certain aspects of the show is a positive place to start.
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