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28 Days Later

Warning: There are a few spoilers below (again thanks to MacTingz)

I just finished watching 28 Days Later for the first time since its theatrical run. I remember disliking it initially but really enjoyed it this time. It’s possible the reasons it left such a negative impression has less to do with the film and more with me: at the time I was a zombie purist, believing anything mimicking George A. Romero films or maneuvering into the surreal in this genre was banal. I think I’ve outgrown this sentiment, explaining my enjoyment this time around. Danny Boyle’s zombie film does sometimes retreat into the absurd with the visuals – fields of pastel looking flowers, animated windmills, etc. – but where this bothered me before it’s now just part of the film’s aesthetic and doesn’t really bother me. The film itself is more interesting than these few moments I disliked before; the way it presents sadism and humanity’s primal instincts, whether the characters are humans or zombies, is aptly accomplished. Continue reading