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More Movies in Five Seconds

Here are a few more of those Movies in Five Seconds clips. I don’t know why I find these amusing as most of them are pretty awful but the good ones are hilarious. I hope you think so too.
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Hearts and Minds

Peter Davis’ Vietnam War documentary Hearts and Minds is probably one of the most captivating documentaries I’ve ever seen. It’s also highly biased and a prime example of how documentaries are never devoid of subjectivity, regardless of intention. Despite Davis’ blatant anti-war stance, Hearts and Minds is powerful, insightful, and brilliantly edited – all factors that led a 1975 Academy Award. The film was controversial when released in theaters and I believe it still is. Aside from its depictions of violence it also features a barrage of violent sentiments and overt objectification of women. Such scenes seem necessary, demonstrating the effects of an imperialist occupation from a multi faceted perspective. Just exhibiting combat violence doesn’t give a full picture of what happened and Davis shows how the war damaged both the Vietnamese and the United States. Continue reading