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War Horse

There are some directors who make good films for their entire careers. Most of the time filmmakers drop off at a certain point, falling into mediocrity and living off their previous accomplishments until their inevitable demise. I’m beginning to think Steven Spielberg is one such man.
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Foreign Commercials

Product endorsement and celebrities go together like shit and a toilet. However, there are myriad moments when companies approach these personalities with gobs of money to do advertisements in foreign lands – moments which could potentially ruin a career stateside. Everybody’s heard the rumors about Woody Allen doing some tacky commercial in Japan for millions of dollars (I couldn’t find this on Youtube) and he’s not the only one our Asian buddies have enlisted to hock products. Below is a list of my favorite commercials from foreign countries featuring either celebrities or characters from popular visual media. Thanks to Rick for pointing out the great Robocop commercials from Korea.

Also, my character study on Nomi from Showgirls should be done by the end of the week. Thanks.
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The second Indiana Jones film from 1984 was my favorite as a child. It’s violent, exciting, and the only film of the original trilogy not dealing with Christian mythology. On this adventure Jones, accompanied by singer Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) and the adolescent Chinese street urchin Short Round (Ke Huy Quan), travel from Shanghai to India, landing in a desolate village. Here they learn the Thugee cult – a secret Hindu cult worshipping Kali – has kidnapped the village’s children and taken their religious Sankara stones. The trio head to Pankot palace, the suspected site of Thugee activity, and engage in an action-packed adventure. Eventually Indy and company save the day, liberate the enslaved children, and return one of the stones to the remote village. Indy kisses the girl and they all live happily ever after. Continue reading