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Tron: Legacy

I was a small child when the original Tron first entered America’s cultural zeitgeist. Being a product of the Star Wars generation I naturally had (and still have) a soft spot for science fiction, especially visually alluring examples of the genre. As I get older the appearance has lost much of its importance but I’m still a sucker for cool looking science fiction films. 1982’s Tron is a prime example of this; a film with more visual than narrative appeal. I didn’t actually see Tron when it hit theaters but a few years later on television. I waited with baited breath, familiar with the story through magazines, read along records, and action figures. When I finally saw the film I wasn’t disappointed, mesmerized by Disney’s fabricated digital world, Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of the uber-cool Kevin Flynn, and the futuristic sounding analog synth soundtrack by Wendy Carlos (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining). Upon reflection I don’t see Tron the same way, instead believing it a stylish retro ‘80s film that’s more important to film’s history for its meticulous construction than content…and the arcade game and action figures are still pretty cool. Continue reading