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War Horse

There are some directors who make good films for their entire careers. Most of the time filmmakers drop off at a certain point, falling into mediocrity and living off their previous accomplishments until their inevitable demise. I’m beginning to think Steven Spielberg is one such man.
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Reflections on A Christmas Story

TBS is doing its 24 hours of A Christmas Story again and like usual I’ve already watched it once. Actually, saying I watched it is incorrect; it’s on and I’m doing other things. Usually I end up watching the film at least once every Christmas, although it’s not always sequential. Usually I’ll catch a piece here and a piece there, constructing the whole film over a 24 hour period. It’s definitely my favorite Christmas film; my generation’s It’s a Wonderful Life although a bit more subversive. Continue reading

A G.I. Joe Christmas

G.I. Joe: Cobra C.L.A.W.’s are Coming to Town

In traditional American fashion G.I. Joe gives a Christmas episode. Yet in the tradition of the show, this Christmas episode is rife with combat; Cobra’s up to their absurd world domination antics, even during the holidays. The episode begins with the G.I. Joe crew collecting presents for a patriotic holiday drive. Unfortunately, a wooden horse isn’t actually what it seems to be, creating yuletide woe for the generally flamboyant Joe’s. Continue reading

Film festivities

Driving home from picking up a vintage Texas Chainsaw Massacre II t-shirt I heard an interesting article on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. The article was about great movie parties, with Neal Conan and a movie expert talking to callers and analyzing some of the greatest party scenes in film history. Of course the standards were discussed: Blake Edwards’ The Party, the Francis Ford Coppola penned version of The Great Gatsby, It’s a Wonderful Life, An American in Paris, Weird Science, and so forth. Some of the callers’ suggestions were excellent, some were maudlin, and others were just stupid. Being the pessimist I am I started thinking about film parties I wouldn’t enjoy. Here’s a list. Continue reading

Jingle All the Way

Jingle all the Way = family togetherness via crass consumerism

Ok, maybe that’s going a little too far and ruining the message of this mediocre film, but isn’t that what the film’s really saying? Of course family togetherness trumps material possessions, but the film’s driving theme is the obsession with a fictional television super hero named Turbo Man. Jingle all the Way also features Arnold Schwarzenegger in his declining phase, the ever terrible Sinbad, and Jake Lloyd from Star Wars Episode I – a combination sure to make for an embarrassing experience. Continue reading