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In the real world it’s not called tardy, it’s called fired

I know I’ve been neglecting Abortions For All lately and for the few of you out there that read this: I’m sorry. I just finished school and haven’t really watched anything outside my comfort zone in the last few days. Honestly, aside from reading for pleasure (a novel idea), working on my music blog (click here to see Aural Abortions), and hanging out with my girlfriend (when we can), I haven’t done much.

Expect reviews on the following films in the next week or so

Another Showgirls post about Nomi’s desires (which I started a few weeks ago but haven’t finished)
The Sound of Music (which I saw on Mother’s Day. I took out my girlfriend’s mother because she had to work)
Mr. Show (yes, the old HBO series)

And a few others.

In the meantime here’s a video of a call-in television show host receiving a barrage of insults on the air. Enjoy and thanks for reading.