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Mahna Mahna

A buddy of mine is doing a documentary on PBS and Sesame Street. It made me think of this clip (from The Muppet Show), which he showed me last time he visited. I hadn’t thought about it in years.

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Robocop 2

If Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop is a Jesus story – with Robocop being an industrialized, American Jesus – then Robocop 2 is about Christ’s perversion. This second installment in the Robocop series, directed  by Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back), does contain some of Verhoeven’s intentions but is a different beast altogether. Comic book creator Frank Miller (Sin City, Batman: Year One, Hard Boiled, 300) penned this sequel and his brand of humor and writing is apparent – Robocop 2 is enjoyable and clever at times – but it’s missing the outsider’s perspective (Verhoeven is Dutch) making Robocop such a clever and insightful film.
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Shark versus Zombie

It’s Shark Week again and idiots thinking a whole week of shark shows on the Discovery Channel is intelligent are enjoying lazy times in front of the boob tube. I am one of those idiots – I always end up watching at least one or two shark shows during Shark Week. While watching a show called Sharkman, where some moron tries to hypnotize a Great White I couldn’t help thinking about the infamous Shark versus Zombie scene from Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2.

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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
is about two obnoxious teenagers running around New York City. The climax of the film is Nick (Michael Cera) fingerbanging Norah (Kat Dennings) at Electric Lady Studios. It’s a terrible film and nobody should watch it; in fact, director Peter Sollett should be ashamed of helming such a piece of shit film.

Here is the film’s climax:

Navy Seals

“You’re dealing with extremists.”

“You’re dealing with the Navy Seals.”

Navy Seals is Top Gun but less homoerotic and more cocaine fueled. After all, it stars Charlie Sheen (post Wall Street) as a self-absorbed, sociopathic Navy Seal who is amusingly racist (he calls the Japanese “Japs,” Muslims “rags,” and just about any other racial slur you can imaging). The film focuses heavily on mindless action and vaguely defined character traits – using the terms “good guys” and “bad guys” often and, like any good American propaganda made after the Cold War, its primary antagonists are Middle Eastern (Navy Seals’ main action takes place in Beirut, Lebanon). It’s the type of film which brings to mind Sel from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, who makes war toys and begins propaganda campaigns against future enemies years before any actual conflict; it’s also a film undoubtedly fueled by massive amount of cocaine and excess.
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The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro

I really never watched WCW back in the ‘90s; I wasn’t really a wrestling fan in the ‘90s. I saw one or two pieces of Nitro and remember seeing Hulk Hogan, sporting that fake black beard and riding a motorcycle, and something else involving the NWO but that’s about it. At that point I watched ECW (if I watched wrestling at all). I personally believed the people walking around in NWO shirts were idiots and professional wrestling was for children and rednecks. I still believe this, even though I’m a fair-weather fan, but there is something more to professional wrestling than steroid fueled muscle heads posing to kiss.
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I think it’s hilarious that the modern version of skateboarding is just a variation of what was called Freestyle skating in the ‘80s. I’m not an expert on skating (I unsuccessfully dabbled in it briefly in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s) but I do enjoy watching ‘80s skateboard movies. Today I watched Thrashin’ featuring the now well respected actor Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men, Milk, True Grit, The Goonies). Aside from being a film about rival skateboard gangs it also demonstrates how white suburban teenagers are inherently racist and how urban white kids are more racially tolerant.
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Quite Possibly the Coolest ’80s Thing Ever Part II

It’s been a week since I downloaded Blood Bros’ First Blood mix and I’ve listened to it about ten times. Today I found the sequel: Heaven 2 Hell. It’s almost as good as the First Blood (which rules because it has songs from Rad and Transformers: The Movie). This one features songs from Top Gun, Gleaming the Cube, Best of the Best II, Thrashin’, Delta Force, and many more. Below is the back cover featuring the song titles:
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The Osama Bin Laden Collectors Coin

What better way to celebrate the death of America’s favorite enemy than to buy a $50 coin? I saw this commercial the other day and couldn’t get it out of my head. Normally on this blog I discuss film and television, avoiding commercials, but this is one that I can’t pass up. Here’s the video:

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South Park: Goobacks

I haven’t seen this episode of South Park in a couple years but I always thought it was pretty funny. I’ve thought for a long time – and I’m sure I’m not the only one – that South Park became quite intelligent after its first few seasons, regardless of its crass content. This episode in particular is quite telling since it reflects a sentiment held by many in America today: undocumented aliens, especially Mexicans, are the source of their troubles and a threat. This response isn’t new but I haven’t experienced this kind of fervor in my lifetime and I find it quite disturbing.
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Fresh Air’s Terry Gross Interviewing Kiss’ Gene Simmons

**I feel it’s in the best interest of full disclosure that I admit I have a radio crush on Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.**

I was a Kiss fan for about six week and it was probably because I was going to see them live on their second or third reunion tour (featuring all four original members, especially the horribly drugged out Ace Frehley). I got it out of my system pretty quickly after seeing them live – like going to a circus which is only fun for a few moments. Since then, I think Kiss is pretty stupid. Their songs have no depth; they sing about partying (which is funny because Gene Simmons doesn’t drink or do drugs), screwing over women, being screwed over by women, sex, and cold gin (which is funny, once again, because Simmons abstains from intoxicating substances).
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Quite Possibly the Coolest ’80s Thing Ever

I found this on my second favorite music blog Cosmic Hearse and I’m so happy I did – I listen to this all the time. I downloaded it a few days ago and I must’ve played it at least ten times already.

Imagine somebody made the coolest mixtape of songs from ‘80s action films, peppered with a few songs from elsewhere, and you have First Blood – a coproduction between two DJ’s (DJA and Dirty South Joe). Normally I don’t care about DJ’s and their silly mixes but this one is genius. It features music from Over the Top, Transformers: The Movie (and subsequently Boogie Nights), Iron Eagle, Rad, Bloodsport, and many more. In short, the music on this mix is primarily from montages; therefore it’s a montage of montages.
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Captain America: The First Avenger

When I first saw the previews for Captain America I could help but exude excitement – a super hero period piece? Hell yes! However, two and a half hours and one bag of popcorn later I can’t say the excitement has transferred. Captain America is a thoroughly mediocre piece of cinema, relying on computer generated action, sappy storytelling, and the weight of Marvel’s reputation to carry it. That doesn’t mean there weren’t a few decent moments or I was bored throughout the entire screening but overall I couldn’t help but find Captain America pedestrian and actually a little bit vulgar and offensive.
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The Future of Television

In a nutshell, part of the budget reduction plans going through the American government right now involve auctioning off some of the airwaves used by local television stations. According to the website around 1/6th of Americans get their television through free means (which means the other 250 million or so pay for it (like me – a huge schmuck)). Last time I checked the FCC’s job isn’t to sell the public airwaves to private companies so we can lose our access to them; their job is to lease these signals to various companies so they can provide us with entertainment and information – information necessary for a functioning democracy (or republic if you want to get technical).
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The Alamo Drafthouse has the Right Idea!

A friend of mine was visiting me from Austin, Texas this weekend (another friend came up too but she’s not important (I’m just kidding Jessie)). Aside from hosting South by Southwest (SXSW) every year and being Roky Erickson’s hometown, Austin is also home to a movie theater I’ve always wanted to grace with my presence: The Alamo Drafthouse. Notorious for not only showing contemporary films the Alamo Drafthouse also plays fantastic old movies (usually with posters by artist Tyler Stout). Recently they played both Kill Bill films and have housed almost every great Paul Verhoeven film in addition to Blade Runner, Escape From New York, and a long list of other incredible movies.

I’m getting to my point here.
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Data Raps

A friend of mine showed me this video the other day and it came to mind again a moment ago when I started watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. There is an episode of ST:TNG where Data writes a poem about his cat Spot. If you remember the episode you’ll like this video; if you like Star Trek at all you’ll probably like this video; even if you don’t like rap or hip-hop you’ll like this video. Lord knows I’m not a fan of hip-hop and I was thoroughly amused.

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Top Gun re-cut trailer

Even though I found this years ago I still think its funny – a re-cut trailer for Top Gun turning it into a homosexual love story. The film was already quite homoerotic before but now…

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Pink Flamingos

Dubbed as “An exercise in bad taste,” John Waters’ Pink Flamingos is just that but not just because it contains a litany of vulgarity – both sexual and scatological. For the most part it’s a terribly made film with poor editing, uncreative cinematography, and bad acting; it makes up for it with amazingly funny dialogue that’s still relevant almost 40 years after its initial release.

Here is the original trailer from the early ‘70s (this version, featuring John Waters’ introduction, originally appeared on the Criterion laserdisc). I feel this aptly sums up what’s so great about this immensely bizarre film.

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Is WWE Hitting Puberty?

Why am I blogging about wrestling two posts in a row; especially WWE’s brand of wrestling (sports entertainment)? I haven’t watched WWE seriously in a very long time but the latest storyline, involving wrestler CM Punk spilling the beans about the real-life, backstage drama of the WWE, are shaking things up. On this Monday’s Raw CM Punk gave away their new media strategy, their thesis statement by saying, “I’m making wrestling relevant.”
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TNA Wrestling: Destination X 2011

On Sunday evening I went to TNA Wrestling’s pay-per-view extravaganza Destination X, held live at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I went to one of these years ago and didn’t really have a good time; tonight I had a blast. I’ll be the first to admit professional wrestling is plain stupid but that doesn’t mean it’s without merit. The documentary Beyond the Mat sums it up the best when it states, “professional wrestling is theater at its most base.”
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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Below is a conversation between my girlfriend and I after watching Justin Bieber: Never Say Never last night. The viewing started as a joke. I said I wanted to watch the Bieber doc and my girlfriend just ordered it, saying you shouldn’t joke about what you want. It’s bizarre but I really enjoyed it; it was like peeking into the life of a premature, white, Canadian Michael Jackson. Here is the conversation.
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The Road: A Second Evaluation

A coworker hired me to help her son with English – literature in particular. The kid is 15 and seems more interested in video games and slacking than learning anything from books so I have an upward battle ahead of me. We started with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead (I’ve had him read the first four graphic novels) and after each one I ask him a few simple questions. I know he’s entering the 10th grade and questions about critical theory are out but I’m still trying to make him understand simile, metaphor, allusion, and other terms any good American high school student should grasp. I did and I wasn’t even a good student until college.

I started the boy off on comic books because I figured he’d respond to these (and learn something in the process). Now I’m moving him up to literature and his first novel in this venture is Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I figured it would be a good read for a teenager – it’s bleak, interesting, like a zombie story (without the zombies), and a quick read. I read it again, to come up with questions, in about 12 hours. He still hasn’t answered any of those questions yet. However, last night I watched The Road again (it’s the third time now) and I still feel it’s a good adaptation of McCarthy’s Pulizter Prize winning novel.
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Cars 2

What the hell is going on with Cars? There are no people – yet there are sidewalks. I never saw the first film so maybe I’m missing something but I’ve had a hard time wrapping my brain around the universe portrayed in it. Maybe I’m overanalyzing it, punching a dead horse, and whatever other cliché you can insert here but it’s wrong – on many levels. Finally I’ve concocted a theorem about Cars’ civilization:

A long time ago motor vehicles gained consciousness somehow and overtook humanity. Subdued, in a Matrix-like fashion, humans are now the fuel for the cars (one character mentions “fossil fuels” at some point). Very much like Motel Hell the humans are harvested, possibly living in a computer generated reality, and used as fuel. Why else would there be sidewalks in a civilization entirely populated by cars?
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The Holy Mountain

Is this post cheap? Yes, but not entirely. I’ve been reading the blog Kick to Kill for a few years now and he’s not only introduced me to a long line of great music but also some excellent films. The other day he posted Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain – one of my personal favorites. I’ve seen the film at least three or four times and I still don’t feel I can truly do it justice with words. I will say it has one of the best endings I’ve seen in a film, even though many believe it’s cheap (what the fuck do they know?). It also has a great soundtrack.

Click here for Kick to Kill, where you can see the movie in its entirety and read a synopsis.

Or, you can watch it below (I just wanted to throw some hits their way). =)

Sean Young’s Blade Runner Polaroids

My amazing girlfriend, who works for a certain unnamed airline, told me about an article she read in that airline’s magazine about actress Sean Young’s Polaroid’s taken on the Blade Runner set. Being a huge fan of Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s seminal novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I had to see what this was all about. Below (and above) are a few of my personal favorites and a link to Sean Young’s full collection. They’re not anything spectacular in the grand scheme of things but for a fan of Blade Runner they’re interesting.
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