Andy Warhol liked pro wrestling?

Yes, it’s true: Andy Warhol liked professional wrestling…or at least he said he did. Here is a clip from a 1985 show I’ve never heard of, The War to Settle the Score, which was a mixture of professional wrestling and MTV style pop music. Warhol appears towards the end, after a bunch of nonsense from Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and Captain Lou. Good luck.


Click here to watch this because MTV is awful…or maybe it’s WordPress who sucks.

6 responses to “Andy Warhol liked pro wrestling?

  1. What the shit? Gene Okerlund and Andy Warhol in the same room? What the hell were they thinking when the commissioned this show? Haha. You can’t just throw two popular cultural items together and hope it retains its integrity because it seldom does.

    • It’s funny because Warhol seems like he was put on the spot, like McMahon had some dirt on Warhol and bribed him into saying something about wrestling. Maybe Warhol was promoting something; maybe he actually liked pro wrestling; maybe he was just bored and thought it would be funny – who knows? I also have a love/hate thing with Warhol.

      By the way, last night I watched the Rob Van Dam DVD produced by WWE called One of a Kind which was pretty awesome. It’s sad watching him on TNA now because he can’t do the stuff he used to but keeps selling himself like he can. It’s too bad because he was excellent when in ECW and during his stint in the WWE. Some of those ECW matches are phenomenal and it’s such a bummer that ECW went under.

      Hope all is well in England. I think I’m coming over there in the next six months or so. I’ll let you know.

  2. Cool man. Yeah it’s a shame about RVD. He won me over pretty quick when I discovered him. Not many guys make watching wrestling that fun. Unlike many of wrestlers of his type, he was genuinely unpredictable.

  3. Those old RVD matches were so good and he was quick, agile, and unpredictable. Now he’s still good but he’s slowed down and doesn’t go outside of his WWE routine. He can still take an incredible bump (taking a DDT to the head) and he still has skills but he’s in the declining days of his career. Maybe it’s a good thing he’s in TNA because it’s the transition house to retirement.

    I was also wondering about the Warhol thing: did McMahon have something on him, like pictures of him being straight? Maybe it’s because it was on MTV and Warhol was trying to get that audience to buy his overpriced stuff (or possibly the more inexpensive prints) but it’s still one of those unbelievable mismatches – like David Cameron and politics (ooh…burn). =)

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