Quite Possibly the Coolest ’80s Thing Ever

I found this on my second favorite music blog Cosmic Hearse and I’m so happy I did – I listen to this all the time. I downloaded it a few days ago and I must’ve played it at least ten times already.

Imagine somebody made the coolest mixtape of songs from ‘80s action films, peppered with a few songs from elsewhere, and you have First Blood – a coproduction between two DJ’s (DJA and Dirty South Joe). Normally I don’t care about DJ’s and their silly mixes but this one is genius. It features music from Over the Top, Transformers: The Movie (and subsequently Boogie Nights), Iron Eagle, Rad, Bloodsport, and many more. In short, the music on this mix is primarily from montages; therefore it’s a montage of montages.

If you’re a fan of bad ‘80s films and their synth heavy, cocaine fueled soundtracks you should check out First Blood. Below is the back cover with all the songs. The link is below that.

Blood Bros: First Blood

2 responses to “Quite Possibly the Coolest ’80s Thing Ever

  1. came across this website doing a random search cause i’m at home and bored. I have read just about everything in the recent posts and i have to say i’m enjoying the read. its nice to see someone out there that thinks along the same lines as me -jenn

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