Aural Abortions

So I’ve avoided discussing music (except for in a cinematic context) on this blog since its inception. I feel it’s appropriate that I have, since I feel any publication (even an insignificant little blog like this one) covering too many mediums becomes cluttered unless done correctly; I don’t have the capabilities to create a multiple medium blog, mostly because my technical prowess within the digital realm is lacking. I’m not a digital Neanderthal by any means but I’m not as computer savvy as others. However, my desire for a music blog has not subsided and after much deliberation I’ve decided I should stretch myself and embark on a blog discussing music.

Enter Aural Abortions. Although I don’t claim authorship of this little piece of cyberspace, I do endorse it. This little blog will chronicle what I feel are some of the best pieces of music around, facilitating their circulation. Although this blog doesn’t distribute a thing, it does inform those interested about a variety of wonderful little pieces of music that have become part of the aural zeitgeist since the beginnings of audio recordings. Whether it’s punk, hardcore, metal, experimental, old blues, old jazz, soundtracks, rock, or just about anything else, Aural Abortions will cover it. Expect posts almost daily too.

As soon as I figure out a way to incorporate Aural Abortions into Abortions For All I will but for the moment it’ll act as a standalone blog, drifting through cyberspace and spreading the gospel about some amazing little pieces of music (mostly originally on vinyl) that has graced my turntable and made countless others happy. So please, check out this site and explore the music it endorses. Thank you.

Also, expect posts in the next few days regarding Showgirls, The Adjustment Bureau, The Lost Boys, and many others. I just finished my thesis defense (and I passed) and aside from a few final assignments before graduation (including work on a piece for actual publication in an academic journal) I will soon have more free time on my hands. Below is the link for Aural Abortions.

Aural Abortions: Spreading Great Music Since Yesterday

2 responses to “Aural Abortions

  1. Encrazed Crafts

    Grats on passing that thesis stuffs, bud! I remembered you said something about being back after the 7th, and boy-howdy did ya. Several reviews on their way and a brand new blog as well! Welcome back ^_^ That skeleton duo looks similar to Daftpunk in style, just different time period.

  2. It’s funny you mention Daft Punk because I’ve been listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack regularly this week and it’s really good. The picture at the top is from these old Spanish horror films; this one in particular is from The Tombs of the Blind Dead. I saw those when I was in high school and thought they were pretty cool for low-budget ‘70s blood romps. It’s about the Templar Knights, whose eyes were gouged out. They’re now resurrected and respond to sound over sight, making the horror not so much about the villain seeing you but hearing you – dark spaces become irrelevant.

    My girlfriend suggested doing a music blog for some time now and I’m finally acting on it. Unfortunately I’m terrible with constructing things online (I like WordPress because it’s templates are easy for the most part) and I couldn’t figure out how to get both blogs onto the same blog. There’s a tutorial video that I watched but it was like learning Japanese – I understand a few things but for the most part I sit there with a dumb look on my face. I guess I need to invest more time into it. However, the music blog is focusing on either new bands I like (with links telling you how to acquire music from them) and old bands whose records are extremely out of print and hard to find. I figured doing a blog about music you can easily find would not only garner a great deal of unwanted attention but would also get lost in a sea of blogs. Unfortunately, for anybody who would read this stuff, my tastes generally lean towards heavier music although there are going to be posts about music not located in the punk/hardcore/metal/noise/experimental realm (check out that band Duster for a good explanation).

    I just watched Showgirls for the second time last night and I can’t wait until I finish this final paper and can write a lengthy review of it. It’s probably the funniest movie of the ‘90s – and it wasn’t trying to be a straight up comedy. I can’t get enough of Showgirls. =)

    Thanks for reading man. =)

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