An old Texas Chainsaw Massacre II ad

Here’s another lazy post because I’m entering the final stretch with my thesis. I found this earlier and thought it was awesome. I miss the days when these kinds of advertisements appeared in the back of magazines. Now only if I can find the shirt they’re selling. I already have one Texas Chainsaw Massacre II shirt from 25 years ago but I’d love to have another.

One response to “An old Texas Chainsaw Massacre II ad

  1. Encrazed Crafts

    “They won’t cost you and arm and a leg.” Very nice.

    This reminds me of a t-shirt I reaaally wanted to get of a video game character, but I was young and was not aware companies ever “run out of stock” to sell. The five other shirts they had listed were still being sold months later, but not the one I had my eye on! (I still say it is because mine was the best one >.>)

    Also, my cousin got a Ghostbuster’s t-shirt autographed by Bill Murray and the rest of the gang from years ago at a press event dealy. Thing is beyond small, we probably couldn’t fit our arm inside the thing let alone wear it. But it has slimer on it, so that’s still awesome ^_^

    Other news: I merged my Minecraft post with the video game music idea. At least, that is the plan. I got the window open in another tab and I still need to choose what tracks are going in (to avoid the youtube spam) but that’s my agenda for today. Read it at your leisure!

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