The King’s So-So Speech

Note from the editor, Foucault Peck-Malchiodi: I’d like to introduce a new contributor to this blog, Henrietta Stackpole. Her blog, I Love You Most Ardently is an excellent digital publication, focusing on costume dramas and/or period pieces. It’s probably one of my favorite blogs, even though it only has four posts, and I think it’s off to a great start. Miss Stackpole’s opinions are clever, insightful, and fun. Without further ado, here’s Miss Stackpole’s first contribution to Abortions for All.

Well, um.  I saw The King’s Speech.  Ergh.  Um.

My hesitation to go forward has nothing to do with The King’s Stutter.  It just feels blasphemous to not be head over heels over this movie, given the copious Oscar nods and presence of Costume Drama Royalty.  I mean, Colin Firth is an incarnation of Mr. Darcy himself.

Sometimes movies come along that are so praised, that you feel you must be a jerk not to love them.  I rarely admit in polite conversation that I didn’t like Avatar.  Everyone liked Avatar, and so I come across as some sort of pretentious contrarian jerk when I say, “I didn’t like Avatar.”

The King’s Speech, though…I just don’t buy it.  Everything is beautiful and the actors are wonderful, and I’m not, say, offended by the movie, but I just don’t buy it.  The central relationship between King Bertie and his speech therapist, Geoffrey Rush, seems forced.  While all the elements for a fantastic film are clearly here, the screenplay seems jerky with respect to the evolution of that core relationship.  They hate each other, they love each other; they hate each other, they love each other.  Geoffrey Rush’s prodding and King Bertie’s bumbling reluctance goes back and forth, but I think the dialogue of their connection rings too movie-ish for belief.  Instead of simply showing us their progress, I feel they beat us over the head with it.

On a positive note, the relationship between King Bertie and his wife, Helena Bonham Carter is charming and much better articulated.

Now that I’m reduced to speech puns, and I’ve outed myself as a jerk (be nice!), I better get the hell out of here.

Here’s the trailer

One response to “The King’s So-So Speech

  1. Encrazed Crafts

    Not the only one that disliked Avatar. Not that I hated it… but I certainly didn’t like it. Or the fact that the director mined the settings and various locales off gamers and then turned out and basically slapped them in the face after he made a mint of those very visuals he ended up with. And then implying the movie would be in 3d at home, only to wait for millions of copies to be sold before officially admitting you’d have to buy yet another pricey copy to get that. Blah. How much money does the guy really need to milk it that far?

    My sister claimed the movie was deep and whatnot. I just saw blue skinny cat people from Egypt. There’s that Pocahontas angle in there as well… eh. All style, no room for movie.

    Wonderful first post on this blog, Ms. Stackpole. I’ve heard another review for this film say it wasn’t bad, just nothing out of the ordinary. May I offer a suggestion? Next time do not be afraid to stay around a little longer. The post just started when you decided to take your leave. Stay awhile! Foucalt doesn’t bite. Though his kitty is rather ill-tempered, so keep an eye out for that.

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