Taking a partial hiatus

I’m not taking a complete break from the blog but school commitments are making regular posting more difficult. Therefore I will post less and work on school more – a decision that’s quite beneficial, at least for me. Where I normally post 4-5 times a week right now I’ll probably post 1-2 times a week; this can change of course. Some week’s I’ll post many times a week, some weeks I’ll post nothing; it’s all contingent on the workload I have to deal with.

I appreciate the people reading this blog on a regular basis and all the commenter’s – thank you! I will also post portions of my thesis on here and any criticisms are welcome. That doesn’t mean I won’t check the blog daily but my output will lessen until the spring semester concludes.

Thanks again for reading and for your ocular support.

2 responses to “Taking a partial hiatus

  1. Encrazed Crafts

    Not a prob, bud. I think everyone reading knows that time is the hardest resource to juggle, and when school/work comes into play, the extracurriculars have to take a time out. Heck, I’m not even uber busy and I’m still finding it hard to update as often as I’d like hee hee When you post, we’ll be reading it, man! Take yer’ time.

  2. Thanks man. I’ve been writing this thesis all weekend and I only added about four paragraphs to what I already have. It’s such a time consuming activity and it has to be perfect so I’m meticulously combing it for errors and better structure. It’s obnoxious. I like writing for my blog much more but I committed to it and I must complete my task. =(

    I did start writing something about The Chinese Restaurant episode of Seinfeld and Escape From New York but they’re nowhere near done. Thankfully tomorrow’s MLK day and it’ll give me a chance to write for both school and recreation. =)

    By the way, don’t see The Fighter unless you’re looking for Oscar bait.

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