I’m chewing the fat…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I wish I could say it’s because I’m extremely busy, but it’s more because I’m lazy and distracted. I have a good deal of new media to blog about, but I need to get off my ass (or rather, sit on my ass with a computer on my lap) and get to work. Here’s what I’ve watched recently and dying to write about:

Dexter Season 4
Enter the Dragon
The Social Network
The Back to the Future trilogy
True Blood season 3
Punisher: War Zone

Plus I still have to keep my promise and write about Highlander. I’ll get to it, but right now I’m working on two bands, a relationship, a job, a thesis, classes, a few upcoming shows, and much more.

In addition, one of my two bands (Sterile Prophet) just put out our first demo. It was recorded live at WPRK 91.5 in Winter Park in the wee hours of the morning. It’s not the best recording and we messed up a few times, but it’s something. Go to http://sterileprophet.bandcamp.com to download it for free. We’re also playing some shows in the next few weeks.

Wed. 10/13/10 at Rocky’s Replay featuring Sterile Prophet, Disasteroids, and Acid Reins (free show, starts at 9pm)
Thur. 10/21/10 at Wills Pub featuring Yogurt Smoothness, Disasteroids, New Man (my other band), Acid Reins, and Sterile Prophet ($5 cover, starts at 9pm)
Thur. 11/11/10 at Hoops featuring Sterile Prophet, Seraphim, and a few others TBA (time and price not known yet)

Fucking awesome. Thanks and check back by the end of the weekend for some new posts.

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