Jaws 4: The Revenge – The Revenge

After I posted my review of Jaws 4 I found it online via Netflix and watched it again. It’s truly a terrible film, but I felt it would be important to elaborate on some of the themes and instances in the film. It should be noted that I will refer to Jaws 4: The Revenge from this point forward as a flim. I have discussed the concept of a flim before but I will reiterate just in case. A flim is a terrible movie, so awful that it isn’t even a film. I came up with this inane name a few years ago with somebody and in regards to my personal thought process it has stuck. So Jaws 4: The Revenge is a flim of the highest caliber; a flim that shouldn’t be viewed by those are looking for a quality Jaws sequel but rather a terrible piece of cinema history.

The psychic connection between the shark and Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) in Jaws 4 should be investigated further. Every time the shark is up to no good (attacking the Brody’s, swimming in her vicinity, etc.) Mrs. Brody straightens up quickly and stares into space sternly. This minor telepathic connection between human and fish isn’t explored deeply in the film, leaving the viewer to decide whether it’s intuition or something stronger. Yet I feel that suggesting that she is aware of the shark’s activities denotes a mental relationship between the two species. I find this absurd; it is giving too much credit to people and way too much credit to sharks. To imply that a shark is capable of emotions, reason, logic, and vengeful tendencies is by far one of the most ridiculous concepts since James Cameron’s flying, air breathing piranhas in Piranha 2: The Spawning. At least Piranha 2 was funny and had more deaths. There are only two in Jaws 4.

Even though Mike Brody (Lance Guest) and Jake (Mario Van Peebles) discuss how great white sharks can’t live in warm water, like the Bahamas, the shark still travels to this island paradise. The flim is basically saying the shark is capable of knowing that the Brody’s boarded a plane and flew from New England to the Bahamas. Did the shark know the flight number? “Excuse me, I was wondering if flight 826 from Connecticut to the Bahamas left on time?” What the hell? Since the shark eventually roars and is psychic, it’s entirely possible it can talk. Maybe this was edited out and is available in the deleted scenes. To follow the plot and logic of the flimmakers requires a severe disconnection from reality, one that I, and most people, am unwilling to engage in.

Speaking of the Bahamas, I felt that some parts of the flim were advertising for the tourist destination. Even the mayor of the town states, “Its better in the Bahamas,” which was the tagline on their commercials when I was a child. Why would they advertise in a flim that shows the potential dangers of a wonderful island vacation? Please, come to the Bahamas so a giant shark can kill you. Smart choice.

The last point I’d like to discuss is the death of the shark. If you haven’t seen this atrocity I don’t really care if I’m spoiling the flim. Using some jackass Star Trek: The Next Generation ideas, Mike and Jake are supposedly able to create a flash bulb that drives the shark nuts. I gathered it was so they could shock the fish and distract it, yet the absurdity of this is fantastic. When doing this Mrs. Brody is able to impale the shark on the boat’s mast, resulting in a moronic shark death. Prior to the death, the shark roars like a lion every time the flash goes off. Below is a clip of the ending, supposedly containing more gore than the original PG-13 version. I noticed it’s a little bit longer but it doesn’t add to how awful this ending is.

Bad isn’t it? Even the shark’s death at the end of Jaws 3, where the shark explodes and its teeth fly into the foreground, providing a cheap 3-D effect, was better. Proceed with extreme caution and knowing what you’re getting into. Even some of the flim’s construction is poor, including the use of some scenes that are out of context, such as the shark biting a boat and retreating into bloody water. Did the boat start to bleed? The scenes of Chief Brody used from the first Jaws film are corny and actually take away from the film’s credibility, if it had any to begin with. Finally, the quality of the picture is cheap, reminding of a bad syndicated ‘80s film or television series. It looked something like Birds 2: Land’s Edge, which was an Alan Smithee movie. For those not familiar with Alan Smithee, click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Smithee

I think I’m exhausted on Jaws 4: The Revenge. As I said before, it’s a terrible film that really doesn’t deserve the attention I’ve given to it. Yet I like to explore bad movies sometimes and this is a perfect example of how film’s can be terrible in both construction and story and an embarrassment to watch.

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