Top Gun

What can be said about Top Gun that hasn’t already been said. It’s a homoerotic propaganda film that was highly popular with young men almost 25 years ago. Tom Cruise wasn’t either mentally or physically creepy yet and Val Kilmer was still skinny. It also features Michael Ironside prior to his seminal roles in Total Recall and Starship Troopers and Tom Skeritt. The guy from Revenge of the Nerds plays Goose and dies, which upsets Meg Ryan and Maverick’s love interest disappeared afterwards. It’s on AMC every weekend and I’m sure the DVD is available for less than $10. What else can be said, other than the music video for Highway to the Danger Zone is unintentionally hilarious. Here it is.

Here is my review of Top Gun that I posted on Netflix a while back. Apparently most people didn’t like it.



Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun features a decent cast, well shot and entertaining combat scenes, and more homoerotic behavior than professional wrestling. It is also a perfect example of Cold War Hollywood propaganda, aimed at recruiting impressionable American youngsters into the Air Force. How else would Paramount been able to get the level of cooperation it did from the military? Accord to Wikipedia (who should not really be thought of as a credible source for anything), the Air Force enlistment numbers went up 500 percent following the release of Top Gun. I wonder if Tim Robbins feels good about making this film now, especially since he has turned into a notorious Hollywood liberal. Aside from all of this, Top Gun is entertaining, filled with a long list of cheesy lines that are ripe for parody, and an amazingly bad soundtrack featuring Kenny Loggins and Berlin. My assertion that the film is highly homoerotic stems from the marketing of the film. Consider the oiled up volleyball scene and the intensely close stare downs between Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise and think about how those scenes are filled with sexual tension and exploitation. If the film was marketed to women I would understand, but Top Gun’s target audience is young men. What exactly was director Tony Scott trying to say? That the Air Force is a homosexual’s dream come true? I am not trying to belittle our nation’s military, just the techniques they use to recruit impressionable youths. If you like fighter pilot films or watching Tom Cruise pretending to be straight, this is the film for you. However, if you believe that the U.S. military is imperialistic and hate propaganda, move on to something else.

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